Free X-Ray

GiAPA automatically collects data and "X-Rays" your server every 15 seconds, collecting detailed performance data on all active jobs. The results from a GiAPA analysis often show significant optimization potential even for jobs assumed to run efficiently.

iPerformance offer you a "Free X-ray" allowing us to examine whether applications exist where minor modifications could save a significant amount of computer resources.

Normally the total time required to install GiAPA, run the GiAPA data collection and upload the result to us for analysis is less than one hour, and the resources used by the data colletion is less than 0.1 % CPU.

Free Performance X-Ray Step-by-step:

1. Use this link to send us your contact details: REQUEST FREE X-RAY

2. We contact you and provide installation instructions and a password.

3. You download and install GiAPA (typically takes < 15 minutes)

4. GiAPA collects performance data 48 hours (uses < 3 minutes CPU)

5. You upload this data to our FTP Server following provided installation instructions

6. We analyze your data and prepare reports and graphics detailing potential performance improvements for your application(s)

7. We share the results with you in a free on-line presentation

Additional information specifying exactly HOW to change WHICH source code line of WHAT program is chargeable at a reasonable cost.