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Who is Gobbling Up My Temp. Storage?

Galexis AG in Switzerland, who has used GiAPA for several years to optimize the applications on their IBM i Power servers, called at iPerformance technical support with an urgent problem:

The value for the "Unprotected storage" (used for temporary objects and machine data on the system, in million of bytes) peaked at 60 gigabytes - but why, which job caused this?




At iPerformance we had not heard exactly that question before.

But we knew that standard GiAPA performance data collection included pages allocated and deallocated per job every 15 seconds, and recommended therefore our customer to try sort critera 16 "Maximum pages used" on the standard report "Job Performance Summary". 

This report showed immediately which job was causing the problem, and knowing this it was easy to determine that an SQL statement in the job caused creation of a huge temporary work file internally in the system.

So we learned that even this performance related question can be answered by GiAPA.